Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy In Animals

New York Veterinary Specialty Center has teamed up with MediVet America to conduct a clinical trial that may revolutionize pain management and degenerative disease treatments.

There has been much publicity about the use of mature stem cells for research and possible treatment for many diseases in human medicine. Today there is presently a treatment for arthritis available for our pets using this technology. The results are very promising.

Stem cells are the pets own natural healing cells that are capable of differentiating into a variety of tissue types including tendons, ligaments, bone, cartilage, smooth and cardiac muscle, liver and others.

New York Veterinary Specialty Center in Farmingdale, New York is certified to perform this procedure in which fat is harvested from the animal through a small incision. Through techniques developed by MediVet, we now have the capable of processing the stem cells right in our hospital or sending them to MediVet to process. This way your pet’s own stem cells are concentrated to be used in their treatment. The stem cells are sent back to us to be injected into the pet’s area of need – in the case of arthritis, injections are into the affected joint or joints.

Clinical trials in a series of dogs treated this way have shown improvement in function up to one year, most likely associated with a decrease in pain. Although temporary, this procedure may provide an alternative to joint surgery.